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Resident Selection Plan
Pacific Palms Apartments

Aperto Property management does not discriminate against any person or household based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, ancestry, martial status, source of income, age, sexual orientation or any other protected class status. The Rental Criteria listed below explains the policies of this community with regard to standards that must be met by each applicant in order to be approved for residency. This community is operated under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program of Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code and, in addition to the criteria shown below; applicants are required to meet certain income guidelines as defined in the HUD Handbook. In addition to the LIHTC program, there may be other sources of assistance (such as Tax Exempt Bonds, Ground Lease, Redevelopment Agency Funds or Housing Authority Funds) that place additional restrictions income and assets. This community is not a part of the Section 8 program; however, we welcome applicants with Section 8 vouchers to apply for residency.

All applicants must be of legal age. All parties 18 years of age or older, all heads of household under 18 years of age and all emancipated minors are required to complete an application.

Identity Verification
All applicants are required to show a driver’s license or government-issued photo identification to prove their identity and a Social Security or Taxpayer Identification card to prove the validity of the number provided. For those without a Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number, instructions are found later in this document.

Credit History
A Credit, Eviction and Criminal Record history will be obtained and evaluated by on-siteÒ, a third party tenant screening service. Each household will receive a score based on statistical data such as payment history, number and type of accounts, outstanding debt and age of accounts. Based on the score, the application will be accepted, declined or accepted with conditions.

  • Accepted: The applicant will be accepted and, upon completion of a successful criminal background check and verification of household income and assets within the limits established by our Income & Rent Schedule, may assume occupancy with the standard deposits.
  • Declined: Application will not be accepted. Applicant will be provided with contact information for the consumer reporting agencies who provided the consumer information. In the event that applicant disputes the accuracy of information on their credit, eviction or criminal report, it is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the appropriate reporting agency and work with them to have the information corrected. If applicant is able to clear any incorrect or disputed information, applicant may re-apply for residency within ninety (90) days of the original Decline and will be reinstated to their original spot on the waiting list. After ninety (90) days, applicants wishing to apply for residency must reapply to the waiting list.
  • Accepted with Conditions: After successful processing of criminal background and verification of household income and assets within the limits established by our Rent & Income Schedule, the applicant may assume occupancy after paying an additional deposit equal to one month’s rent (this is in addition to the community’s standard security deposit) in order to occupy the apartment.
  • Applicants with no credit history ("No Record Found) must provide:
    • Proof of employment or other suitable source of verifiable income of at least 2.5 times the amount of rent.
    • And rental history for past 24 months.
    • Applicants who are unable to provide rental history may be approved with an additional deposit.

      Residents of Foreign Countries: If the applicant has no social security or Taxpayer Identification number, the following will be required:

      • Proof of foreign citizenship;
      • And, written verification of employment or recent pay check stub
      • And, proof of monthly income equal to 2.5 times the amount of rent

      Student Status
      The LIHTC Program is designed to assist low and moderate-income applicants. It does not allow for the participation of households comprised solely of full-time students. Exceptions to this rule are as follows:

    • Students receiving assistance under Title IV of the Social Security Act (AFDC/TANF/CalWorks – not SSA/SSI).
    • Students enrolled in a job training program under the Job Training Partnership Act or under other similar program.
    • Single parent with a dependent child or children and neither the parent nor the child(ren) are dependent of another individual.
    • Married and filing (or are entitled to file) a joint tax return.
    • Previously enrolled in the foster care program and aged 18-24.

    Income Verification
    If the application is accepted or accepted with conditions, verification of income in an amount equal to two and one half times the monthly rent per household will be required by one or more of the following:

    • Pay stubs reflecting three (3) months of pay history (mandatory unless applicant has been at their present job for less than three (3) months)
    • Bank statement showing recurring pay deposits
    • Income tax return
    • Letter from employer on company letterhead verifying income and employment
    • Additional income, such as child support, requires proof of payment.

    If the applicant has insufficient income or no recurring source of income, applicant must: 1) provide proof of financial institution accounts greater than 3 times the rental amount for the term of the lease less any verifiable income.

    Maximum Occupancy Standards

    • Studio: Two persons
    • One bedroom: Three persons
    • Two bedroom: Five persons
    • Three bedroom: Seven persons
    • Four bedroom: Nine persons
    • **(Not all bedroom sizes listed above are available at this location)
    • During the first six months of the original rental term, no one will be allowed to be added to the lease or become an additional occupant unless they are a new born or newly adopted child.

    Apartment Deposits

    • An apartment deposit of $400 is required at time of move-in.
    • Additional deposits as described elsewhere in this document may be required at the time of move-in to secure the performance of the rental agreement.
    • Payment in full of the one-month’s rent plus all deposits are required prior to or on the day of move-in and must be paid by money order or cashier’s check.

    After move-in, residents may transfer to a different unit. A transfer can occur at either the agent's or the Resident's request. Reasons for a transfer may include, but not be limited to, overcrowding or to accommodate a disability. Occupancy Standards must still be followed.
    Transfers of current Residents whose names are on the Transfer Waiting List due to disability accommodation or overcrowding will take priority over Applicants on the outside Waiting List. All other pending transfers will be given the same consideration as applicants on the outside Waiting List.
    Applicant understands that, should applicant's apartment become overcrowded, management may require a transfer to a larger unit that will accommodate the new household.

    Criminal Background Screening
    A criminal background screening will be conducted for all applicants. This screening will check criminal history and applicants will be denied based on certain felony and/or misdemeanor convictions and arrests pending trial.

    Automatic Denial
    Applicants will automatically be denied residency if there is falsification of any information entered on application forms.

    I acknowledge receipt of a copy of this Resident Selection Criteria and understand its contents.

    By choosing "I Agree" and continuing to the application, you acknowledge that you have read AND understand ALL of the above information.

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